Tennessee Cancer Center Finds $150k in Incorrect Charges

Keeping on top of radiation oncology billing—from constantly evolving rule changes and various code conflicts to managing daily operations— is an ongoing task. This case study provides insights into the clinical implementation of QuickCode, an automated billing QA software that instantly analyzes captured procedure codes for review.

After using QuickCode to audit their radiation oncology department’s 2020 billing charges, a Tennessee clinic found over $150k in billing errors, leading to the development of new methodologies for ensuring billing compliance and accuracy.


Watch our webinar where Medical physicist Ryan Smith, MS, DABR, details his experience using QuickCode, presenting data from this case study that revealed incorrectly billed charges.


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“QuickCode immediately identifies the unmatched simulation charge and flags it for review… It gives me confidence that we’re billing the right way.”


– Tennessee Cancer Center


$150k in Incorrect Charges



Simplified Billing Review



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