Simple EZFluence Implementation Delivers Results
for Kentucky Cancer Care Network

Incorporating clinical efficiencies into the treatment planning empowers clinicians to do their jobs better. Creating high-quality treatment plans in a fraction of the time is possible by leveraging automation.

This is exactly what a Kentucky radiation oncology department discovered upon implementing EZFluence, a feature-rich, automated 3D planning solution from Radformation. Because the software is ready for planning immediately after install, incorporating the new planning methods was straightforward for the team involved in the process. Over time, the department continued using EZFluence for more and more indications, and their time savings scaled in tandem.

Download the case study to see how this department optimized their 3D planning process to create huge time savings, allowing their team to focus on what matters most.

“The ROI for this product, given the little up-front work required to implement, is incredible.”


– Kentucky Cancer Center


50% Time Savings



Easy to Implement



Increased Standardization