Rethinking Pre-Treatment Workflows for Better Outcomes

An Insight Series Webinar

This webinar was the debut of Radformation’s Insight Series webinars, which speak to themes in radiation oncology that are critical to advancing patient care. Beyond individual products and company taglines, where is our field going? How can we empower departments to better treat our patients? In what ways can we prepare for coming changes?

The window of time that precedes the very first radiation therapy treatment is an important one for the patient. It’s one in which we can play a role to improve the patient experience, streamline operations, and impact patient outcomes. With emerging technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence changing the way we approach this workflow, we have a unique opportunity to take steps toward refining the sim-to-start workflow to affect outcomes. Simultaneously, we can work to further engage patients with direct physics interactions, enhancing the patient experience. So much of what is involved in radiation therapy treatment comes before the treatment itself.

In this seminal webinar, guest speakers Todd Atwood, PhD, of UCSD and Ping Xia, PhD, of Cleveland Clinic share the work being done in their respective departments to shorten and improve this pre-treatment workflow.






Todd Atwood, PhD

Associate Professor & Senior Associate Division Director
Ping Xia

Ping Xia, PhD, DABR, FAAPM

Head of Medical Physics in the Department of Radiation Oncology
Cleveland Clinic