One Platform, Infinite Possibilities: Unifying All Your Diagnostic QC with RadMachine


RadMachine is a full-scale, customizable QC solution that sports an impressive lineup of features to contain troves of clinical QC information in one location. But while the possibilities for tailoring RadMachine to suit are virtually limitless—and can be built to suit academic centers, consulting groups, and larger operators—the benefits of a centralized QC database don’t have to be headache inducing.

In this webinar, Radformation clinical success manager Sam Jackman shares her experience as a member of the Radformation Success team, where she navigates dozens of departments through the setup and implementation of RadMachine. She provides a glimpse into what is involved in basic implementation, shares a number of QC templates for quick startup, and describes the best methods for getting started quickly with RadMachine. 

Following Sam’s presentation, Dr. Andrew Sampson from UT Health San Antonio provides his perspective as a RadMachine user, describing their commissioning process and how his team uses various features to make QC management more efficient. He describes how he’s customized various tests using the integrated scripting capabilities and highlights some instances that show how partnering with Radformation can turn product improvement requests into a reality in short order.

The two speakers discuss the importance of clinical implementation of automation as it applies to the management of quality assurance data.

Access the webinar recording here:

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