QuickCode Case Study

With dozens of different charges generated for each patient treatment course from simulation to end-of-treatment, radiation oncology billing can get complicated. Keeping track of all appropriate charges, as well as what and when to bill, is a constant challenge.

In implementing QuickCode, an automated billing QA software, a midwestern radiation oncology department brought organization to their billing procedures, allowing them to free up resources to investigate billing errors. See how implementing QuickCode can provide valuable time savings, ensure accurate compensation, and standardize the billing workflow for a more efficient department.


“We know which charges bundle and which charges don’t. Because we can now catch those things up front, we’re a lot more confident that billing errors will be less frequent from the start and they won’t slip past us.”


– Midwestern Radiation Oncology Department


$29k in Billing Errors Found



Time Saved Reviewing Charges



Reduced Insurance Denials & Rebilling