QuickCode: Providing Billing Transparency to Your Radiation Oncology Department 

Radiation Oncology departments are being tasked with manually capturing and reviewing procedure codes daily, which is a critical operational piece of every department. Professional society standards recommends specific documentation, signatures, and approvals for various procedure codes. In this webinar, we provided updates and recent improvements to QuickCode which has the power to enhance efficiency and streamline routine clinical billing analysis. New features and improvements in the latest version have been added to make code audits, documentation, and approvals more straightforward.

CARTI’s Senior VP of Radiation Oncology, Jeremy Land,  joined us to provide clinical context for automation in billing. He outlined best practices for implementation and clinical use that have generated massive results, including reduced error rates, catching discrepancies sooner, and improvements to the bottom line. Jeremy explains how standardizing and automating code comparison results in more organized, intuitive billing management for all team members involved with reviewing procedure codes.





Katera Smith

Clinical Success Manager
jeremy land

Jeremy Land

Senior Vice President of Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic Imaging Services