Quality In Radiation Therapy: Navigating An Ever Changing Terrain

An Insight Series Webinar


Quality and safety is not a new topic in radiotherapy, but over the past decade, it has received a flurry of attention. In general, the radiation oncology community has done well to manage the technical portions of quality and safety. But as work in this area continues to mature, how will it evolve? How should it evolve? What might the next steps in the process look like?

In this special edition of the Insight Series, Matthew Spraker, Radiation Oncologist and Co-Host of the Accelerator's Podcast, and Courtney Buckey, Medical Physicist, discuss the overarching theme of quality as it relates to real-life Radiation Oncology situations. 

Dr. Spraker discusses what quality means from the physician's perspective, sharing the involvement the physician plays in the quality process and, ultimately, what the impact of our work is on the patients we treat.

Dr. Buckey provides insights on the role of incident learning systems on the types and volumes of errors we are now reporting. She highlights the ways in which physicist/physician communication is critical. 

As technology advances and roles change, this webinar dives into how we can ensure the psychological safety of various members of the treatment team so that we can work together in the best interest of our patients.