Practical Adaptive Radiotherapy, Where Online and Offline Approaches Intersect

An Insight Series Webinar


This webinar explores an emerging theme with the potential to make a significant impact in radiation oncology: adaptive radiotherapy. Although this concept has been around for decades, it has gained renewed attention recently due to the advent of online adaptive radiotherapy.

This innovative approach allows for imaging, replanning based on anatomy, and treatment to occur all on the same day. It sounds like a panacea, but with every new technological breakthrough, there are pros and cons that must be carefully considered.

In this webinar, we delve into the potential benefits and pitfalls of online adaptive radiotherapy from two important perspectives- a physician and a physicist. Our expert speakers, Dr. Elizabeth Jaworski and Dr. Alex Price, discuss how it differs from offline adaptive methods and the rationale behind daily adaptation. We also examine how offline adaptive techniques can benefit from the tools developed for online adaptive radiotherapy, even in the absence of regular retreatments.

Additionally, we explore the metrics used to determine whether an adapted plan is superior and how these advancements bring value to our patients. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of adaptive radiotherapy and its implications for clinical practice.

Rewatch this webinar and keep up with the discussion shaping the future of radiation oncology.

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Elizabeth Jaworski, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
University of Michigan
Alex Price Headshot2

Alex Price, PhD, DABR

Medical Physicist
University Hospitals

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