Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute

Independent calculations for treatment plans are essential, providing confidence in the primary treatment planning system calculations. These calculations should be straightforward and accurate, requiring little input from users.

Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute (NEOK) has demonstrated that ClearCalc is the right secondary calculation software for their workflow. They showed that the software is not only simple to use, providing time savings with each patient, but also that the algorithms driving the software provide the accuracy the department needs.

Download the case study to see accuracy results for ClearCalc and how it compared in a head-to-head comparison with NEOK’s former secondary calculation software.

“ClearCalc’s Finite Size Pencil Beam (FSPB) algorithm returns excellent agreement across a wide range of plans, from deceptively simple, yet challenging plans to very complex, highly modulated plans delivering dose to a target surrounded by sensitive critical structures.”


– Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute


Increased Efficiency



Simplified Workflow with 60% Fewer Steps



Accurate Results