MD Rad Chat: Physician Insights into the Impact of AI and Automation


This insightful webinar features distinguished physicians Dr. Vaghefi of Goshen Cancer Center and Dr. Beckta of Rutland Regional Medical Center as they share their experiences with implementing Radformation software in their respective departments. Discover how these physicians have leveraged Radformation's innovative tools to enhance clinical practice and improve patient care.

In this panel-type discussion, both physicians provide relevant history and composition of their departments, highlighting the role of automation and its impact on clinical efficiency but also, their professional practice. Along the way, they’ll highlight how the field is ripe and ready for AI-based contouring, which has been an enormous upgrade from previous autosegmentation methods and a huge timesaver on multiple levels. They also discuss the importance of a good plan evaluation and what they look for when they review a patient plan. 

The webinar provides an overview of the key automation features that these physicians find most valuable for their clinical practice. They explore how they set their departments up for success as it applies to themes critical to patient care: quality and safety, with anecdotes and specific cases where automation has demonstrated its effectiveness in improving the safety and quality of patient care. 

Suited for anyone who works in a Radiation Oncology department, this unique opportunity to learn from esteemed physicians opens the door to discover how Radformation software has transformed clinics, improved collaboration, and enhanced patient care.

MD Rad Chat Webinar
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