Karmanos Cancer Institute

Plan evaluation is a critical step in the treatment planning process, as it is intended to provide a full review of the plan’s feasibility and safety prior to treatment. Part of that assessment involves comparing DVH and dose constraint data to published limits, which can involve manually searching for specified DVH values.

An investigation of ClearCheck software by Wayne State University resulted in time savings and a reduction of errors in their plan review process. Download the case study that demonstrates how the team at Wayne State gained “the ability to evaluate all planning goals simultaneously during plan creation [resulting] in more efficient plan optimization and realization of planning goals” by using ClearCheck for plan evaluation and reporting.

“Automated structure constraint definition, evaluation, and documentation results in greater accuracy and safety, reducing the rate of clinically relevant errors … Two stray contours were also identified by the automated system which could have had a substantial impact on plan quality.”


–– Barbara Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University


4.3 Minutes Saved per Plan Optimization



Reduced Clinical Errors by Over 10%



Over 30% More Constraints Evaluated per Plan