EZFluence Workshop:

Advanced Breast Planning

In some cases, breast planning couldn’t be more straightforward. Simple tangents, with slight adjustments to weighting, and you have a plan ready for treatment. But it’s not always that simple. For more challenging planning scenarios, EZFluence is ready to pitch in to make the process faster and less painful.

In this webinar, we dive into these more difficult breast setups with EZFluence. We discuss the different workflows for planning 3 & 4 field mono-isocentric breast plans, which are common in the clinic. This includes a review of the particular nomenclature needed for EZFluence to incorporate supraclavicular and posterior axillary fields in plan optimization. Finally, the presentation covers how to plan using bolus, highlighting unique QOD applications for the chest wall using EZFluence.







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John Richards

Regional Account Manager