EZFluence for Advanced Clinical Cases: Tips and Tricks to Promote Efficiency in 3D Planning


This EZFluence advanced planning webinar is an opportunity to gain detailed insights from two experts into the power of EZFluence. Jade Reihart, a Radformation CSM, and Jessica Caselli, a long-time EZFluence superuser, have mastered the intricacies and uncovered many useful tips and tricks along the way. These two current superusers share how to leverage EZFluence functionality for more than just whole breast treatments with tangents, sharing best practices for more challenging clinical cases such as 3&4 field breasts, lung cases, and dynamic conformal arcs. 


Jade and Jessica demonstrate their planning workflow in a step-by-step, follow-along sequence so webinar attendees can participate and get a grasp for the details involved in these unique uses of EZFluence. They demonstrate the best use of our products, highlighting clever tips and tricks for the most efficient use of the automated 3D planning platform. They uncover new or underutilized methods for optimizing workflows.




Jessica Caselli Headshot

Jessica Caselli, CMD

Supervisor Medical Dosimetrist
Northside Hospital
Jade Reihart Headshot

Jade Reihart, CMD

Clinical Success Manager

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