Engineering Novel Radiation Oncology Workflows for Productivity and Safety

An Insight Series Webinar


Making treatments better. Safer. This is what we strive for in the clinic. Achieving this goal demands a collaborative effort (and a little bit of elbow grease).

This Insight Series webinar session brings together three unique and relevant perspectives—engineer, physicist, and physician—to discuss what it takes to create high-quality radiation oncology workflows that are both pragmatic and efficient.

Dr. Jerry Jaboin describes his experience bringing transformation to a new institution, re-evaluating existing workflows, and implementing innovative solutions to elevate the standard of care. With a background in engineering, Dr. Lukasz Mazur shares the tools he’s leveraged in radiation oncology—including Normal Accident Theory, Six-Sigma, and Lean—and how to effectively apply them to various tasks and processes in radiation oncology to improve throughput, resource optimization, and patient safety.

These presentations, as well as the ensuing discussion with panelist Dr. Todd Pawlicki, underscores the pivotal challenges and promising opportunities that exist for improving these workflows for better patient care.

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2023.11 Insights Series Webinar

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