Clinical Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Radiation Oncology

An Insight Series Webinar


This webinar was the second installment of Radformation’s Insight Series webinars, which speak to themes in radiation oncology that are critical to advancing patient care. Beyond individual products and company taglines, where is our field going? How can we empower departments to better treat our patients? In what ways can we prepare for coming changes?

Artificial Intelligence has only recently become a topic of interest in radiation oncology but, in a short time, has come to infiltrate and augment many facets of treatment care. Ranging from image data analysis and personalized treatment to automated segmentation and patient-specific QA, the applications of AI in the clinic are nearly endless. The promise of improving the efficiency and quality of patient care has the potential to be majorly transformative. 

This webinar focuses on the ways in which artificial intelligence is currently impacting clinical practice. Also, based on innumerable investigations currently in progress, we also explored the ways in which our departments might be most impacted going forward. 

In this webinar, Drs. Christian Guthier of Harvard and Lei Xing of Stanford share their perspectives on the topic of AI given the work being done at their respective institutions. In addition to individual presentations, both speakers responded to curated questions on the future of clinical applications of artificial intelligence.

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