ClearCalc + RadMonteCarlo: A Deep Dive Into Log File Analysis for Enhanced PSQA and Other V2.5 Updates


The focus of this webinar is log files, their analysis, and the clinical utility of log files for both machine quality assurance and patient-specific needs. During this webinar, we briefly discuss the history of log files for multiple vendors and the recent (last 10-15 years) interest in log file analysis as a method for radiation oncology quality assurance. 

There’s a long-standing debate: can log-file analysis or other forms of phantomless QA replace a traditional phantom-based IMRT QA program. This has been the central theme of many a point-counterpoint debate, with no consensus conclusions and just as many questions as answers. We dive into the controversy, highlighting the merits and arguments for both sides. We also discuss the value that log file analysis can bring, some of its shortcomings, and arrive at the value that log files can have as a complement to any QA program. 

For those interested in what’s under the hood, we take a peek at what is involved in developing an analysis product as an adjunct to a secondary calculation check platform, as well as how the approach is unique depending on the linear accelerator manufacturer. Lastly, we discuss the roadmap for future development and appeal for suggestions for further improvements.

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Charles Curle Headshot

Charles Curle, MS, DABR

Product Manager, ClearCalc/RadMonteCarlo
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William Boone, MS, DABR

QA Manager, ClearCalc/RadMonteCarlo
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Lukas Van Dyke

Senior Software Engineer

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