Weekly Checks for your Linac, MR, and Everything in Between  

[ChartCheck Webinar and Clinical Use Panel]


This webinar is an opportunity to gain insights into ongoing physics chart review and flexibility of use across a variety of machines. Current users and chief physicists, Jason Paisley of Novant Health, and Ryan Pennell of New York Presbyterian, shared how implementing ChartCheck has improved efficiencies among their teams in various ways. Jason now trains new physicists and residents at New Hanover Radiation Oncology to perform weekly physics reviews on the platform, and Ryan has greatly standardized and elevated the chart review process at NYP.

Our presenters demonstrated the best use of automation for weekly physics checks and show new or underutilized methods for optimizing workflows.

Following the two presentations, Joe Herrick of Carson Tahoe Radiation Oncology Associates, joined the two presenters in a panel discussion and deliberated the following topics:

  • Making weekly and final physics checks both efficient and effective
  • Comparing/contrasting manual and automated paradigms for weekly plan review
  • Clinical impact of ChartCheck at a standalone facility and a large network

ChartCheck Webinar Speakers 2023.02