BC Cancer-Victoria

Creating new workflows to enhance the quality of patient care is a critical contribution of clinical physicists and dosimetrists. Adding Hybrid IMRT to the planning rotation at BC Cancer was initially clumsy and, at times, difficult.

Enter EZFluence. After demonstrating the utility of EZFluence for simple field-in-field tangents, the team at BC Cancer exploited the automated planning tool as a solution for their newly implemented Hybrid IMRT technique. With EZFluence, they were able to create high-quality treatment plans in a fraction of the time.

Download the case study to see how BC Cancer was able to introduce new breast treatment planning methods and master them with EZFluence.

“…The time required to create a viable plan decreased dramatically from an average of 120-180 minutes to just 3-4 minutes.”


– BC Cancer-Victoria


Major Time Savings



Simplified Hybrid IMRT



Improved Plan Quality & Consistency