ARC Drastically Reduces Contouring Time Using AutoContour

Auto-segmentation is seeing a new day. New algorithms assisted with machine learning are allowing for clinic-ready contours in a fraction of the time compared to manual delineation.

When Advanced Radiation Centers of New York (ARC) searched for a solution to better manage their high patient census, they found it in AutoContour. After trialing multiple AI-based auto-segmentation tools, they found AutoContour to be the best fit for their workflow. In addition to the accurate contours that served their needs for various body sites, they realized considerable time savings compared to their previous manual contouring methods.

Download the case study to see these time savings results for ARC and how it provides a more manageable workload for busy departments.

“We’ve trialed numerous auto-segmentation products, but nothing has worked for us quite like AutoContour. Some AI-contouring software companies tout top-notch contours in one region or another, but unless ALL structures are top-notch, it’s not a major sell.”


— Kelly Houlahan, Medical Physics Assistant at Advanced Radiation Centers of New York


Up to 60% Time Savings



High Quality Contours



Simplified Workflow