AutoContour Masterclass:

Registration, Multi-Image Contouring, and Dosimetric Evaluation


There are no two ways about it: AutoContour continues to prove its value far beyond AI contouring. This webinar is the perfect opportunity to understand the full capabilities of AutoContour and how to maximize its built-in features.

In this webinar, the Radformation team provides the latest information and best practices for all recent features and updates up through the current version of AutoContour. Clinical Success Manager Katie Tinnon discusses the importance of clinical implementation of automation as it applies to auto segmentation, plan evaluation, and how users’ existing solutions continue to improve the treatment planning workflow. She also explores the planning structures functionality to help users get the most out of AutoContour.

Katie shares details of the registration workspace (both rigid and deformable) in a step-by-step workflow, and how to incorporate multiple image modalities. Then she demonstrates how to assess the deformed dose using ClearCheck to evaluate critical dose metrics for these unique cases. 

AutoContour Product Manger, Kevin Tierney, DMP, DABR, joins for the engaging audience Q&A. 

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