AutoContour: A Deep Dive Into Contouring Tools and Clinical Results

Take an exclusive look at the new features and new models in AutoContour 2.0 and discover how contouring workflows are being transformed using automation.

In this webinar, Radformation’s Clinical Success Manager Hope Leonard takes a deep dive into the updated contouring tools and share tips on how to use AutoContour to create the most efficient workflow in your department. Hope also explains how to add the ever-expanding list of new models to your templates upon release.

Medical physicist Edward Marshall, MS, DABR, of Providence RadiantCare shares his team’s automated contouring journey, illustrates some real-world examples of AI contouring, and explains how embracing automation has positively impacted their busy treatment planning workflow.




hope wright headshot

Hope Leonard

Clinical Success Manager
Edward Marshall

Edward Marshall, MS, DABR

Medical Physicist