AutoContour + ClearCheck: Exploring Advanced Editing Tools, Custom Constraints, and V2.5 New Features


This informative webinar delves into the latest v2.5 update for Radformation's AutoContour and ClearCheck software, specifically targeting current users seeking to optimize their workflow and enhance patient care. Led by industry experts, the session unpacks a range of new features and improvements designed to streamline processes, boost accuracy, and facilitate collaboration.

We start by introducing AutoContour's exciting new additions that provide new visualization updates, new editing, tools, and more. With the new version, those who have worked with deformable registration are now able to export deformed doses for additional analysis. For the first time, we showcase the zero-click workflow that automates contouring, working in the background to provide deep learning contours to streamline the planning process.

Additionally, we explore ClearCheck's v2.5 advancements. Highlighting the enhanced plan evaluation experience, we demonstrate the ability to set custom constraints for diverse protocols and generate clear, customizable reports for efficient communication. We also share improvements to the Chart Rounds module that facilitate seamless peer review and collaboration.

Throughout the webinar, attendees gain practical insights into how these new features can enhance their clinical practice. They learn how to streamline workflows, improve accuracy and consistency in contouring and plan evaluation, and foster seamless communication and collaboration with colleagues.

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Kevin Tierney Headshot

Kevin Tierney, DMP, DABR

AutoContour Senior Product Manager
Benjamin Pollard Headshot

Benjamin Pollard, MS, DABR

Product Manager, Auxillary Software
William Myers Headshot

William Myers, DMP, DABR

ClearCheck Product Manager

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