Adapting to MBS Billing Code Changes: Streamlining Compliance and Slashing Billing QA Time with QuickCode

Friday 26 April at 9am AEST

The billing landscape is evolving and with the upcoming changes to MBS codes effective 1 July, efficiency within radiation oncology departments has never been more critical. Embracing automation has proven to be a game-changer, significantly enhancing billing accuracy, reducing error rates, and amplifying department throughput.

Join us for an informative webinar where we delve into the complexities of billing in radiation oncology and unveil how QuickCode is revolutionising routine clinical billing charge analysis. Discover firsthand how QuickCode's latest features and enhancements streamline code filtering, charge audits, reporting, and analytics, paving the way for organised and intuitive billing management.

Our esteemed presenters will not only showcase the optimal utilisation of QuickCode but also unveil novel approaches to workflow optimisation, along with the clinical advantages of implementing automation for billing QA. Learn from real-world experiences as Catharine Duck, Director of Radiation Therapy/Deputy Director Radiation Oncology at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, shares her insights into why QuickCode has become indispensable for her institution and how they've justified their purchase.

Key points in this webinar:

 - Compliance Concerns: With heavy fines looming over incorrect charges, ensuring compliance is paramount. Doctors' referrer codes linked to charges hold them accountable, underscoring the need for precise billing practises.

 - Correction Challenges: Incorrect charges often lead to bounced-back submissions for corrections before payment, highlighting the importance of accuracy from the outset.

 - Retrospective Billing: Sites have the capability to retrospectively bill up to two years, necessitating meticulous review and correction processes.

 - Staffing Dynamics: With Radiation Therapists shouldering both treatment planning and delivery, efficient use of their time is critical. Given the current staffing shortages, any delays or errors in billing can exacerbate resource constraints.

 - Crucial Role of Billing Clerks: Billing clerks play a pivotal role, requiring extensive training to navigate MBS submissions and charge reviews effectively.

 - Speeding Up Payments: Doctors often face delays in receiving payments, with monthly submissions being the norm. Streamlining this process could significantly expedite payment cycles, benefiting both practitioners and institutions.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into harnessing the power of automation to optimise your billing QA workflow. Register now!

Watch the webinar recording:



Catharine Duck - headshot1

Catharine Duck

Director of Radiation Therapy/Deputy Director Radiation Oncology
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
Katera Smith

Katera Smith

QuickCode Operations Manager


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Ben Moore

Director of Sales - APAC